I’m Baaackkkk

Okay WOW!

I haven’t posted in MONTHS, when letting my blog go a couple days without a post used to bug me.

Granted I’ve had a bit of a hectic year some of which I will not share – but I am going to try to write again, update anyone out there reading and hopefully post much more in the coming weeks (though, probably not every day).

So where have I been?

Well the year started out with the company I had been working for, restructuring – giving me two options; move to part time, or take a severance package – I opted with the package. Three days later, I sold my motorcycle and four days after that, I went to Florida for a week since I had never been able to take advantage of a last minute travel deal before.

March took me to Washington D.C. to see the Toronto Maple Leafs play.

Fast forward to May when I finally got another job (part time). I left that job for another and I recently left that job for my current one… one I love… Sephora.

Now in between these highlights, I kept busy (to name a few):

– I applied for other jobs

– I got my gun licence and first aid certificate to apply for a job.

– I travelled to NYC

– I travelled to San Francisco

It’s been a busy year so far, with a lot of high-highs and a few lows and with all the instability, I just couldn’t find the will to write. But it’s almost the end of the year and I can’t wait for 2015.

Back to Sephora though:

For those of you who don’t know, I went to school for Cosmetic Techniques and Management, I never really did anything with that as I had a stable job, but everything happens for a reason and now I am working for a company where I go to work excited, where I can do bold makeup if I want and still fit right in. One that also allows me to feed my makeup obsession…. So you can look forward to some makeup favourites coming soon ;).

Sorry to have neglected this site, but I’m back now!

To see what I’ve been up to you can follow my instagram.

Also check out my friend’s blog if you’d like!

I’ll post in a couple days with the things I’ve been loving this fall!

Let me know if you want to see anything in particular!


New Products!

Hey everyone!!

It’s been a busy month, but I currently have extra time on my hands, so I am pretty much back! haha.

I went to Florida on a last minute deal at the beginning of the month – it was SO much fun, cheap and sporadic, I would go again in a heartbeat and I will be going to Washington D.C. to see the Toronto Maple Leafs play mid March, so I’ll probably do a combined post about that with pictures!

Now onto the post:

Over the last couple months for my skin I’ve been using the Michael Todd True organics skin care line and it worked pretty well. I liked it because it’s 97% organic, however I had a couple cons to go along with it- though it was no where near as bad as in the past, I would still breakout, I’d have to order it online, and the shipping time would vary – so it might come in a couple days one time, and 2 weeks the next. So after doing some research, I’ve decided to switch over to the Kate Somerville line.

Now for the exciting (to me) news!

Along with switching to Kate Somerville, I’ve decided to invest in some other skin care products I’ve never tried, but heard amazing things about!





The first one being ClarisonicIf you haven’t heard of it, it’s apparently AMAZING, especially if you have skin like mine (acne prone) or if you just want to make your skin glow. I’ve only used it twice so far, and have taken before pictures (so the review WILL come!) I’ll give it a couple weeks, because apparently skin goes through a purging faze, where it breaks out pretty badly for a couple weeks, so once it goes through that (I’ll take pictures as well) I’ll review it. So far, I like how my clean my skin feels after using it.


The second product (that I just ordered today, so I have NOT tried it yet) is the PMD (Personal Micro Derm System) I am SO excited to try it, as I have heard amazing things about it. As I mentioned before in my skin care post, I used to have reallllllly bad acne, which has left my skin with scarring as well as a very uneven skin texture (has sort of what I call, divots), which this device should help with. So I’m VERY excited to try that!

I’ve linked to the websites and pictures to the devices I personally purchased, I’d say I’ll probably have my review up by the end of march!



Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, if you’ve tried any of the products, please let me know you’re experience and if you liked them!


Road Trippin’ ♡


2 years ago, one of my best friends, Dani and I wen’t on what we called our “TLC” road trip. The plan: visit all the popular TLC show states… we had to cut some out, but we settled on Washington DC (DC Cupcakes), New York (Say Yes To The Dress – though we never ended up there) & New Jersey (Cake Boss). We hit minor bumps along the way, but all in all, it’s a trip I will NEVER forget; the things we experienced and memories we made will be with me forever.

A month before we were set to go, we sat down and decided where & what we wanted to do. We decided rather than spend a lot of money on hotel we wouldn’t spend much time in, we opted to stay in hostels. This turned out to be perfect – they were clean and secure. (Note the key I have on my wrist.. it’s for the lock for my locker.)

Washington, DC

Starting at 4 am Monday June 13th, we headed for Washington! It was about a 9 hour drive – stopping along the way to get breakfast in “Dansville” at a McDonalds that was beside their city airport, getting lunch in a small town (can’t remember where), and to get Dani a prepaid cell phone ( I had added a states package onto my existing phone).

P1000138 P1000157 P1000187

Once we got there, we checked in, unpacked and were on our way – we wanted to see AS MUCH as we could in 4 days! In those 4 days we went everywhere:

  • Smithsonian
  • Lincoln Memorial (reflecting pool under construction)
  • Capitol Building
  • National Aquarium (I find “Big Al’s” store more entertaining with more fish and it’s free)
  • Arlington
  • Pentagon
  • Washington Monument
  • Georgetown
  • White House (obviously)
  • Mount Vernon (George Washington’s plantation)

I am probably forgetting a couple of things, it was a busy 4 days. Though we had a car, we only drove to Arlington and Mount Veron – everywhere else, we walked and walked, when we were too tired to walk any more – we rented bikes.

After visiting Arlington, we went to Georgetown to pay a visit to Georgetown Cupcakes. To this day – these are still the best cupcakes I have EVER had! ( So good in fact; Dani, Janine and I did what we called a “Micro Road Trip”. We drove 9 hours there and back in 24 hours to get cupcakes – for my mom for Christmas.) Still one of the craziest things we’ve ever done along with some crazy stories! * I’ll be posting about that trip soon*

If you go to Georgetown, stop by for an amazing bite of heaven!

P1000195 P1000263 P1000271262137_2000293860961_7379710_n 261544_2000294300972_6293500_n


Our drive to New York was a little less than perfect. Our GPS had “avoid tolls” programmed, so apparently, the only way to get to NY was to go back through Canada and around – making a 4 hour drive 16 hours. Luckily Dani realized something was very wrong about 4 hours and 20 minutes in. I should probably mention we planned to arrive 3 hours before my tattoo appointment – we were now cutting it CLOSE. Back on track, we made it to the lincoln tunnel (in rush hour) – we now had an hour and a half until my appointment. A left, right and another left turn led us to being selected (at random) to be pulled over for some sort of ID check – we weren’t catching any breaks. We made it to the YMCA hostel about 45 minutes before my appointment, checked in and then we were rushing to figure out where we were going. Needless to say – it worked out in the end.

We did as much as we could in New York (we had previously been there so we did things we hadn’t before):

  • Got my tattoo
  • Dani got her hair done
  • Went to Chinatown
  • Went to Soho
  • 4 hour walk around Central Park
  • Went to the Central Park Zoo
  • Battery Park
  • Saw MIB 3 being filmed (more about that, down below)
  • Went to Carlo’s Bakery (In NJ, just including it here)

On one of our last days in NY, we decided we’d try to go to see the Statue of Liberty (unfortunately, we had missed the last ferry of the day). While walking, I had just finished saying how I was surprised we hadn’t seen any celebrities – as NY is second to LA for celebrity sightings. When we noticed a lot of old cars, a blocked off road, and cameras… it was the MIB set!

P1000470 P1000512

We watched for about an hour and a half – because it was the first time either of us had seen a movie set – we ended up leaving because it was getting dark and we had no idea where we were going.

We saw a lot of interesting people and things, I couldn’t have asked for a better trip with anyone else! ♡

P1000325 P1000431 P1000381 IMG00298-20110616-1859 P1000532 P1000519 IMG00311-20110617-1303

Tips for your road trip:

  • Get an oil change before you go
  • Budget gas (average price, how far you’re going to go, how far you can get on a tank of gas)
  • PLAN ahead! (what you’re going to do, costs involved, where you’re going to stay, restaurants etc)
  • TELL YOUR BANK (make sure your bank knows where you’re going and takes off any withdrawal limits)
  • Double check before you leave! (I forgot some accessories in one of the lockers…)
  • Take an emergency car kit! (You never know)