March Favourites ♡

Hey Guys!

So, as you saw in my last post, I went shopping and got a couple new products! Well, those products turned into a couple more products and those turned into an overhaul of my skin care routine.

That being said, most of my march favourites are mainly skin care (because I’ve fallen in love with them and they’ve changed my skin drastically). My skin is still not perfect but it is improving.

So here it is… my march favourites, I’ll leave links and prices (in CAD)… hope you enjoy!



Skin Care

pink pmd

PMD ($179.00)- This little personal micro-dermabraison tool has become a once a week ritual. I’ve only had it 3 weeks so I still haven’t received all of the benefits this little device has to offer. In 3 short weeks though, my cheeks have become smoother, and my scarring slightly lighter. (I have taken before and after photos, which in a couple weeks I’ll do a before and after update)

When purchasing it I looked online for a code (benefits of online shopping) and Celeb25 takes 25% off! (saves on shipping too!)







Clarisonic Mia 2 ($175.00) – I cannot wash my face without this now (why did I wait so long!?), it has improved my skin texture and makes my skin feel so clean and refreshed! Initially, it may seem a bit  pricey but well worth the money. I actually look FORWARD to washing my face and know I am actually washing it, not just spreading makeup around! I highly recommend this to ANYONE and EVERYONE. They have different cleansing heads for different skin types, so you can definitely find one to meet your needs. Cannot say enough good things about this product.

Side note: I didn’t want to try this initially because I’ve tried knockoffs before, they don’t work and make your skin worse (without ever improving it). Those knockoffs were $20 so I didn’t want to try something for almost 9x more money. With a 2 year warranty, you cannot go wrong :) You will go through a skin purging faze, where for a week or 2, your skin will get worse before it gets better. It does get better and your makeup does go on like butter – I PROMISE. You can also buy it HERE with a bigger selection of colours and patterns  ♡



The 2 tools listed above, seem like a lot of money, but the only thing you need to replace are the heads on them, so you’re not spending that $175 every couple of months.

Tip: When ordering your PMD, you are paying shipping, so when I ordered, I ordered a couple replacement heads so I only paid one shipping fee.


These are in the order I use them:

Josie Maran


Josie Maran Cleansing Oil ($38.00) – I don’t use this every day, only the days I wear makeup. It’s gentle on my skin so I’m not scrubbing the makeup off my eyes and it gets it ALL. It’s a refreshing scent, avoid your mouth like the plague, if it gets in your mouth (always seems to get in mine) and doesn’t go away for a couple minutes. As a product though, I LOVE IT!





Purity Made Simple Facial Cleanser– 16 oz ($42.00) – I started using my Clarisonic with Kate Somerville’s Daily Detox. I liked it as a cleanser but I wasn’t a huge fan of the packaging – it was both convenient but inconvenient ( the product comes out from where you stand the product). Unless you clean your sink EVERY DAY, with product, it’s not overly sanitary. So while inline at Sephora, I saw a sample of this Purity Made Simple cleanser, I wanted to try it (quite a few YouTubers use it). It smells clean and fresh, is extremely gentle on the skin, and has kept my acne in check. They have many different sizes, so you can try it before committing to the bigger sizes.





Boscia Balancing Facial Tonic ($29.00) – I use this after washing my face and using my PMD. I like it because you can either spray it directly on your face, or spray on a cotton round and then wipe your face. I use the cotton round after using my PMD (to ensure I am wiping off the dead skin) but after washing my face I just spray on my face. It is so refreshing and hydrates my skin, I can notice a difference when I don’t use it.





Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil ($58.00) – I have both the original and light, however I prefer the original. I use the light when I travel because it’s in a smaller bottle. this absorbs beautifully into the skin, doesn’t leave it oily and by the time I wake up, it’s completely absorbed. I have oily skin, so I was hesitant to use it, but it tricks your skin into thinking you’re producing enough oil, so it doesn’t have to compensate (I had this idea wrong for YEARS, always trying to dry out my oil). Now my skin it still hydrated, without being oil slicked.  (I only use this before bed, it moves too much during the day).




Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Peeling Gel ($55.00) – I use this in between my PMD treatments. It’s gentle enough, it doesn’t burn your skin but it buffs away dead skin, leaving your skin so smooth and lovely. You can see the skin and product balling up (sounds gross but it isn’t that bad). I got a sample of this in a skin care kit but I am going to buy the full size – my sample size lasted about 6 or 7 uses. LOVE!





Glam Glow Youthmud 0.5 oz ($21.00) – I got this for my birthday, from my sister. This is what started my new obsession with my skin care (before using Michael Todd, I would buy $6 drug store face wash that dried my skin out like you wouldn’t believe). She gave me the smaller size because the regular size is $76.00… it’s pricey but I LOVE this mask, you can feel it and see it extracting oil and dirt from your pores and your skin is way brighter after using it. If you don’t want to shell out that much money, your local Sephora may be able to give you a sample. You won’t be disappointed!




Nivea Lip Butter ($2.99-3.99) – I’m OBSESSED, I received the “Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss” one in my stocking for Christmas and I immediately fell in love. So while I was in CVS in D.C, I saw the “Caramel Cream Kiss” and “Raspberry Rose Kiss” I immediately grabbed it. They last for a couple hours, and are so hydrating without having to constantly apply it!

Apart from the benefits it gives your lips – they smell AMAZINGGGGG

When I apply it before bed, I wake up to super hydrated lips!





Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Kit ($71.00) – THIS IS A LIMITED KIT  it won’t be in stock long, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product, the colours are pigmented, lovely, and comes in 3 different eyeshadow palettes that come with a base, crease, highlight, transition and sparkle colour. They’re small enough you can fit it in your purse, or mix and match. It also comes with 4 lip glosses, a double ended brush (cheek and crease brush) it ALSO comes with 2 blushes, a highlight and bronzer. You WANT to try to get this before it is sold for good!





Acqua di Gioia ($99.00) – This is a light fresh scent that I LOVE anytime of year. It’s floral without being over powering, and light. So hard to describe, but it’s my favourite.



Hope you enjoyed my favourites, let me know which ones you use or want to try!!


New Products!

Hey everyone!!

It’s been a busy month, but I currently have extra time on my hands, so I am pretty much back! haha.

I went to Florida on a last minute deal at the beginning of the month – it was SO much fun, cheap and sporadic, I would go again in a heartbeat and I will be going to Washington D.C. to see the Toronto Maple Leafs play mid March, so I’ll probably do a combined post about that with pictures!

Now onto the post:

Over the last couple months for my skin I’ve been using the Michael Todd True organics skin care line and it worked pretty well. I liked it because it’s 97% organic, however I had a couple cons to go along with it- though it was no where near as bad as in the past, I would still breakout, I’d have to order it online, and the shipping time would vary – so it might come in a couple days one time, and 2 weeks the next. So after doing some research, I’ve decided to switch over to the Kate Somerville line.

Now for the exciting (to me) news!

Along with switching to Kate Somerville, I’ve decided to invest in some other skin care products I’ve never tried, but heard amazing things about!





The first one being ClarisonicIf you haven’t heard of it, it’s apparently AMAZING, especially if you have skin like mine (acne prone) or if you just want to make your skin glow. I’ve only used it twice so far, and have taken before pictures (so the review WILL come!) I’ll give it a couple weeks, because apparently skin goes through a purging faze, where it breaks out pretty badly for a couple weeks, so once it goes through that (I’ll take pictures as well) I’ll review it. So far, I like how my clean my skin feels after using it.


The second product (that I just ordered today, so I have NOT tried it yet) is the PMD (Personal Micro Derm System) I am SO excited to try it, as I have heard amazing things about it. As I mentioned before in my skin care post, I used to have reallllllly bad acne, which has left my skin with scarring as well as a very uneven skin texture (has sort of what I call, divots), which this device should help with. So I’m VERY excited to try that!

I’ve linked to the websites and pictures to the devices I personally purchased, I’d say I’ll probably have my review up by the end of march!



Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, if you’ve tried any of the products, please let me know you’re experience and if you liked them!


Life is: Lush

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 3.44.08 PM

While looking into a new face wash a couple months ago, I stumbled into Lush. Not only did I find a new face wash, I found new shampoo, conditioner, face mask, moisturizer, toner and lip scrub! I love these handmade products so much, I will probably never go back to the drug store brand! Listed below you’ll see my favourites, hope you like them just as much as I do! ♡

The links are to the Canadian site, above, I included a link to choose your Country :)


fresh farmacy

Fresh Farmacy -This bar works well for all skin types! Calamine lotion based, this bar is great for sensitive and dry skin. My skin is oily and it works great on mine too, doesn’t dry it out and the tea tree oil fights acne!


Mask of Magnaminty – This is a face & back mask (for those who tend to get acne on their back). I love this mask for a couple of reasons; it smells minty/fresh, when you put it on, the mint causes your skin to gently tingle and it is even gentle enough to use a couple times a week. Whenever I use this mask, my skin feels refreshed, looks brighter and it seems to clear up any minor breakouts I may have. I will never allow myself to run out of this mask – I highly recommend you try it for yourself (or at least get yourself a sample ;) )

tea tree

Tea Tree Water– This is a spray toner, you can either spray it directly on your face or onto a cotton pad to remove excess dirt. I personally like spraying it directly on my face before putting on my moisturizer – it makes your face feel extra clean and refreshed. This tea tree oil toner is cut with water, grapefruit and juniperberry, to keep blemishes at bay, while not drying out your skin!


Enzymion – This moisturizer is perfect for oily skin types, it includes a lot of astringent based citrus fruits that keep oily skin under control. I have noticed my skin has seriously improved and feels better throughout the day, even makeup goes over it nicely. This moisturizer smells great too!


Gorgeous – Now, I personally haven’t purchased this one, partly because it’s pretty pricey but also because I am happy with Enzymion. HOWEVER, I did ask for a sample (because online it has great reviews), I wanted to try it for myself. I have to say, it really is a great moisturizer! Gorgeous has a lot of organic oils, and smells a bit like a Creamsicle – it leaves your skin moisturized but it doesn’t make your skin oily. For those of you that don’t mind spending extra for a great facial moisturizer, this one is worth considering!

mint Julips

Mint Julips – with winter around the corner (at least where I live), this product will definitely come in handy! It is a lip scrub that smells fantastic, and when you’re done scrubbing, you just lick it off your lips! This is especially perfect to use right before you put on a lipstick that could show cracked lips – such as red ;)



Whenever I travel, I get anxiety that if my shampoo tips the wrong way, I’ll have the biggest mess to clean up, how is that relaxing? That’s why when I saw these solid shampoo and conditioner bars, I thought they would be perfect – I didn’t anticipate how much I would like them for everyday use!!


Seanik– Made with sea salt and seaweed, it adds volume and shine! This was the first solid shampoo I ever purchased and even with trying others (that are also great), this one is still my all time favourite. It lathers nicely and has a light fresh scent! Don’t let the little pieces of seaweed worry you though, they wash out, so you wont have little bits in your hair.

*My hair was literally squeaky clean after using this gem :)*

ultimate shine

Ultimate Shine– Loaded with essential oils, and flecks of gold shimmer, this shampoo is softening and adds a nice amount of shine to dull locks! I really like this solid shampoo bar, although it doesn’t lather as well as the Seanik bar, it is still one of my favourite products!

big solid conditioner

Big Solid Conditioner – I l o v e , love, loveeee this product! In my opinion, it smells fantastic, it has such a light pretty scent – a bit like baby powder. This bar has virgin coconut oil (my favourite – from previous posts), sea salt – for volume, and is infused with “toothed wracked seaweed” to soften hair. It doesn’t have the typical “slimy soft feeling” in the shower as most liquid conditioners do but after your shower, you will have smooth, shiny hair.

There are a couple ways to use it:

The standard way (as they explain on their website) : we your hair and the bar and rub the bar along the hair shaft and ends (I stay away from my roots).

I discovered my way by accident when traveling: I kept mine in a travel soap container and some water snuck in but it made the bar softer. I scoop out a small amount and rub it into a paste in my hands and apply it just like any other conditioner. I let it sit in my hair for a couple minutes and then rinse out!


If these products aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, I at least recommend looking around the site and/or going in and getting a sample if you want to try something. You’ll be glad you did!


My Skin Care Journey.

Hey Everyone!

So like many people, I have been on a roller coaster with acne prone skin. This is my journey, I’m not suggesting it’ll be the right path for you, these are just my experiences with it.

I’ve never had great skin – I started using Proactive in elementary school, it helped a bit, but the acne came back. In high school it wasn’t horrible, but it was still pretty bad; which is the reason my doctor decided to put me on Accutane. Accutane cleared up my skin incredibly. It has a lot of side effects, but the only ones I really experienced with it were: nose bleeds, dry lips and light sensitivity. All in all, Accutane in high school was a pretty good experience.

When I went away to college, I went on the pill; but after a couple of months on it, I decided I didn’t like the way it made me feel, so I stopped taking it. Going off the pill caused my skin to get BAD, it was so bad that washing my face would sometimes bring me to tears because it was so painful. My skin was riddled with cystic pimples and regular whiteheads – it was awful.

My makeup routine soon involved: tattoo covering makeup (I used it from my cosmetology kit I had for school), Makeup Forever HD foundation and then for added coverage – M.A.C. powder foundation. Granted, the makeup probably didn’t help the situation – as soon as I got home and on my days off, there was no makeup on my face.

This caused me to go back to my doctor, who put me on Accutane… again. This experience however was not as pleasant as my last one; I constantly felt awful and when my second month blood test came around, my liver levels were through the roof – my doctor said they were 12x the regular levels. I immediately stopped taking it, my skin was still pretty bad. *The way I got my liver levels down will be posted below*

After trying everything I could think of, including Proactive, things were looking bleak, until the day my Aunt called saying she might know someone who could help. My Aunt told me that her friend works at a laser clinic and that I should try something called “Pixel Therapy”. It removes the top layer of skin, stimulating the natural healing process, treating acne while improving acne scars. It isn’t a cheap treatment, but it has kept my skin fairly clear for the last 3 years and I definitely cannot complain!

*To get my liver levels back to normal, I did a lot of home remedies*

  • Milk Thistle pills (I took “Liver Plus” pills)
  • Drank a concoction of water, lemon juice & extra-virgin olive oil – pretty gross but might have helped
  • Ate beets.

My doctor was so surprised how quickly my liver levels went back to normal (she laughed in the message she left me). 

Hope this helps with any questions you may have had, if you have any other questions I didn’t answer – just comment and I’ll reply!Frame Artist-1

 The Before picture is from July 2010, After is January 2013. I get the odd breakout, but my skin has stayed pretty clear :)