Meet Teighan

Last year was extremely busy for me… I moved out of my parents’ house in Ontario to my own place in British Columbia for a new job.

Growing up, I was never able to get a dog while living with my parents. I was allowed to have other animals though, such as; birds, guinea pigs and fish, but never a dog. A dog was something I had wanted since I can remember – my parents always told me when I moved out I could get one (so naturally, as soon as I moved out, I began my search).

Throughout the years my dream breed changed; King Charles Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler… and then Cane Corso. One of my best friends had a Cane Corso and I absolutely fell in love with the breed. They are an Italian Mastiff; extremely smart, great temperament, a giant breed, and slowly gaining popularity.

One day while looking through online classifieds, I came across an Ad for Cane Corso puppies. I immediately called the number listed on the Ad and left a message. As the day went by, I hadn’t heard back, so I figured I was out of luck.

I had just put my dinner in the oven, when the breeder called me back, asked me a few questions about my living situation, why I wanted a Cane Corso, and then if I wanted to come see them… right now. Of course I said “yes!”. I took my dinner out of the oven, got dressed, and drove up into the mountains to meet the puppies.

I pulled up to the house and see the two parents and 10 four week old puppies wandering around the yard. The breeder had told me on the phone that there were 3 puppies available, 1 boy and 2 girls – though one girl was a bit aggressive, the other was very calm, I said I would like the calm one. The breeder showed me the calm girl, who I immediately picked up – It was love at first sight, this was Teighan. As the breeder and I spoke (about an hour). Teighan fell asleep in my arms and any time I tried to put her down, she would whine and wrap her legs around my arm. I knew I had found my “fur baby”.

img_7329The day we picked each other   

September 3, 2016 is when I finally was able to pick her up (8.5 weeks)

img_7628The car ride homeimg_7663After getting home: First Bath

She was surprisingly amazing:

  • Slept in the crate with no problems
  • Didn’t have an accident in the house
  • Rarely Barked
  • Didn’t chew any shoes, furniture or the cat
  • Stayed/Stays off couch/bed

Now, that doesn’t mean it was always perfect, there were a few nights she did not want to go to sleep (at around 10-13 weeks). She was SUCH an ankle biter while she was teething, as said above; she didn’t chew anything, but while we would play, she often left her mark on our skin. She was given LOTS of chew toys and an antler to pass the time – and it often worked.

img_7674Her favourite place to sleep (Her on the potty patch)

img_7834New (BIG) crate

img_7840She saw her brother at the vet

The year flew by… almost without incident.

img_8177First day of Fall

img_8235Halloween img_8523First day at the Dog Parkimg_9221A few days before Christmas
img_9863The day after she was spayed
img_0140Winter Walk
img_0664Spring – before the tourists

In July, while at daycare, the lady who owns the daycare; was bringing her in the house for the night (from the play yard), when a deer got spooked by the motion light. (Teighan is 95-100 pounds of almost pure muscle)… she took off after the deer, ripping herself from the lady’s grip on her collar. It was absolutely no one’s fault; Teighan was doing what was natural to her breed – everything ended happily… she still goes to the same day care, and LOVES it there. *I will post separately on what happened the night Teighan ran away, and why I sometimes use daycare*.

It’s been over a year since I brought Teighan home, she brings me so much joy, she’s truly the sweetest dog – and I am so, so lucky to have her, (of course, I am biased).

For about 2 months now, Teighan has had a few play dates with one of her sisters… their mannerisms are so similar and if you only see their silhouettes, you can’t tell which is which.img_3296Teighan and her sister

As stated earlier, I will post specific stories, what I found helpful for when she was a puppy, and little tips and tricks I have with her.

img_3437Teighan this past Halloween (with her GPS collar)

As always, any questions you might have, post them in the comment box below!



Two Face YouTube

Here’s the video <3


Two Face

Hey guys!

Not sure how this post will turn out because it’s from my phone… But I wanted to post the makeup I did on Anthony for Halloween! He’s wanted me to do two-face on him for quite a while. This makeup took me about 1.5 hours… Hope you like it!




YouTube video will be up tomorrow or Saturday :)

Pumpkin Carving

Hey guys… 2 more days until I go back to work :( but having these last few days, meant I had some time to carve pumpkins with my mom. I haven’t carved pumpkins in YEARS… maybe 4? but realistically, it could be even 6. Anyway, I decided to go a bit of a different route.. I’ve never carved a pumpkin this way EVER, so I was nervous – it involved a lot of frustration and a huge mess. Hope you like it!

Tomorrow I am attempting to do “Two-Face” on Anthony. I will film it and post it on YouTube (if it turns out.. if not, I will try to film something this weekend). Hopefully it works! Haha


My halloween themed nail art


Wasn’t as easy as I had thought… first stage of panicking


At this point – my Mom had walked by and started laughing… She’s supportive haha


Getting closer, still nervous but not so panicky haha


Turned out the lights and breathed a HUGE sigh of relief it turned out OK :)

I’d LOVE to see your pumpkins or costumes! Send them to: :D


My Week: Photo Blog ♡

Hey guys! Here is a look at some pictures from my week!

Have a great week!


Filmed: My Everyday Makeup Tutorial!


Made some spicy veggie spaghetti


I love birds on wires.. saw a photo op :)


Got a new phone <3


Woke up at 4 am… couldn’t fall back asleep so I was able to capture the full moon at 530am


Did an overhaul cleaning on my saltwater tank… hopefully no more algae :)


Tried a new kind of special fx I hadn’t attempted yet- *Tutorial to come*


Some Makeup I’ve Done!

Hey guys!

Here are some makeup I’ve done, hope you enjoy!


IMG_7241burn P1010614NEW1NEW5 NEW2




Third Degree Burn VIDEO Tutorial

Thanks for being patient!! <3 hope you enjoy!



Burned Hand Tutorial : Pictures

Hey Everyone!

I decided to do a burn tutorial for you, this tutorial uses basic items you can get at many stores around halloween.

IMG_7405 IMG_7406 IMG_7409 IMG_7410 IMG_7411 IMG_7413 IMG_7414

Dark Blood         Fresh Scab         Liquid Latex            Sponge           Fake blood     Charcoal Powder        Palette

Click to Enlarge pictures ;)

The dark blood isn’t necessary, I just used it to add dimension, the charcoal powder can be replaced with black eyeshadow (if possible, buy one you won’t mind crushing up – if not, it shouldn’t be an issue). I put everything in this palette that I purchased from a local craft store.


Start with a clean hand


Stipple fake blood onto hand – cover nails too (make sure you’re not wearing nail polish like I am- looks more realistic)


I stippled some dark blood in random spots to add more dimension, and brushed the charcoal powder in between my fingers, around my nails and random patches on my hand (lightly)


Stipple liquid latex on your hand *make sure to use a makeup sponge you can throw out! Never use your brushes, it will ruin them!* I concentrate the liquid latex in between my fingers (to add pockets) I usually add 2 layers to allow pocketing throughout hand.


Once the liquid latex dries, I created pockets using an orange-wood stick, you can use a toothpick. this makes it look like your skin has blistered. Once I’ve created the pockets, I brush some charcoal powder around the pockets to make the “blisters” look charred and stretch my hand (so that the latex looks wrinkled). While stretching my hand I lightly brush some of the charcoal along my hand to add dimension.

With a paint mixing knife (you could use a plastic knife or anything you can find that’s thin, flat and won’t cut you), I pushed some fresh scab into the pockets. This made the blisters thicker and made it look like clotted blood.
*Tip: if you don’t have “fresh scab”, you can take a cotton ball break it up in to small thin pieces and soak that in blood, it will create a blood clot*
I will include this tip in my video tutorial!

I then added the finishing touch by stippling more fake blood all over the hand!

*You could also add conditioner lightly tinted a green/yellow to make it look like puss*


The lighting wasn’t so great, so I’ve attached a picture of a previous burn I’ve done that had better lighting.

burnburn 2

*I’ll be posting a better video tutorial either today or tomorrow because it’s a bit trickier to do this tutorial on myself while trying to take pictures*

Check back soon! ;)


My Special FX Kit!

Special FX Makeup

Hey Everyone!

Hallowe’en is fast approaching, so before I film or document any special fx tutorials, I thought I’d show you what I have in my kit! Now some of this stuff is expensive and you could substitute them for items you find around the home, others; unfortunately you can’t. I find when shopping online, I go to a number of sites (I even get to the checkout to see how much shipping will cost me) just to find the best deal! I will provide the links for each product to save you time :) (any words highlighted in pink will be a link)

3rd Degree

3rd Degree is a silicone compound, when part “A” is mixed with part “B” it will eventually set. * you MUST use 2 different tools to scrape equal parts of each!* If you use the same tool and part “A” and “B” mix (even just a little) your whole jar is ruined! So use 2 separate tools for each :). I used to use “morticians wax” or “wax putty”. Ever since seeing 3rd Degree on various YouTube Channels, I decided to give it a try and will NEVER go back to the wax, it’s just so much easier to apply and remove! 3rd Degree blends into the skin for a more natural look, and you can even reuse your design for future use! *I will provide examples later in the post. WARNING: some readers may find pictures too graphic, please use your discretion *

Eye Drops, Liquid latex, Fresh Scab and Dark Blood

The majority of these products are from the “Ben Nye” line. Depending on the look you’re trying to create, one type of blood may work better than another (sounds a bit weird, I know). I decided for the looks I wanted to create, Ben Nye’s Dark Blood would be perfect.

Next, while learning special fx makeup in school, we were provided a product that was a thick, jelly sort of blood (similar to how blood in fresh or healing wounds would look) this is known as “Fresh Scab“. It adds dimension to your wound to make it appear a bit more realistic.

This is not an essential for your kit, especially because it doesn’t last very
long but if it would complete a look you’re going for, Kryolan Eye Blood will make it seem like your eye is bleeding.
(if you’d like me to post a picture of them in my eye, just comment below and I will, no problem).

Last but not least in this photo, is Ben Nye’s Clear Latex. You can create so many different looks by using this product, such as; wrinkled skin, dry flakey skin, burned skin, etc. * I will be posting YouTube tutorials to some of these looks in the coming weeks! Stay tuned ;) *
**Quick tip – if you want to save a bit of money, you can replace school glue for liquid latex for easier looks**


Here we have “Ultra Ice“, it’s pretty simple – it is for the use of creating ice or making something look frozen. Just use water to help with sculpting!

Rigid Collodion is used for creating scars, when applied to the skin, it dries quickly to make the impression of scar. To get a great result, apply a couple of layers and pull in the direction of the scar to create a more realistic look. This is a great product to use for an Edward Scissorhands look, among others!

*Not pictured individually, that may be of interest, are the Skin Illustrator Palettes (There are different ones, so I included a general link).

For many of the tools, (including the mixing palette, the mixing spatulas – which are really just paint spatulas & sponges) I purchased from a local craft store. Rather than buy the brushes online, you can also purchase regular paint brushes (make sure they’re soft enough for the face & decent quality).

*Below are pictures that some may not be comfortable viewing, please use your discretion – they’re makeup and NOT real! *

These were done with 3rd Degree, I didn’t have my newer blood, so I used what I had. I will post better pictures soon, and will have a tutorial up shortly. If you have anything you’d like to see specifically, please comment below!

IMG_7232 IMG_7241

Hope this post was helpful! If you have any questions or requests, feel free to comment! Follow my blog for all of my latest posts!