My Week: Photo Blog ♡

Hey guys!

WOW have I slacked! I’m sorry, I’ve been helping take care of a very wisdom-toothless Anthony and have been trying to do my own stuff in my spare time. I apologize. The good news is, I have a few photos from my week, for my weekly photo blog! :D

I’m back at work this week, so I am going to try my best to keep up with everything – we’ll see how it goes ;)


Getting our backyard re-done… construction early in the morning isn’t too fun!

IMG_7780 IMG_7788

I did some special fx makeup on Adam


Made some Peanut Butter Protein Balls.. YUM


Went to see the Toronto Argonauts play with Adam!


The CN tower at 11 PM


Toronto Skyline


Anthony’s cat Meow is a leaf fan ;)


My Week: Photo Blog ♡

Hey guys! Here is a look at some pictures from my week!

Have a great week!


Filmed: My Everyday Makeup Tutorial!


Made some spicy veggie spaghetti


I love birds on wires.. saw a photo op :)


Got a new phone <3


Woke up at 4 am… couldn’t fall back asleep so I was able to capture the full moon at 530am


Did an overhaul cleaning on my saltwater tank… hopefully no more algae :)


Tried a new kind of special fx I hadn’t attempted yet- *Tutorial to come*


My week : Photo Blog ♡

This week has been a whirlwind!

I have been thinking of starting a blog for a while now, I guess it just takes recovering from bunion surgery to get the guts to finally do it.

I’ve decided to do a weekly photo blog of my favourite pictures from the week (not in order). – Funny enough; I realized because I was spending most of my time setting up the site, I barely took any pictures (which for me, is VERY uncommon).

For daily pictures, you can follow me on Instagram!


Set up for my first ever YouTube tutorial – where EVERYTHING that could go wrong, did.  ;)


The first failed YouTube tutorial, my friend Janine helped with – Can’t help but laugh about it now – “C’est la vie

I got my motorcycle chain rosary tattoo touched up by Jay! *Tattoo tip at bottom of post*


Anthony continued work on his huge back piece (I’m not allowed to show it until it’s done)

photo-1.PNGStarted my blog ♡ Thank you ALL ♡

*Tattoo Tip – I use “Aquaphor” by Eucerin after the first wash of a tattoo. I apply it 2-3 times a day, it keeps the tattoo moisturized, cuts down on scabbing, and holds colour amazingly!! *

*This tip is from personal experience, use at your own discretion, Anthony’s tattoos used to fade quite a bit until I tried this on his back. (He couldn’t see what I was putting on him)*