Rose Body Scrub ♡

Hey Everyone!


So I found a great body scrub on Pinterest from “The Beauty Department” (check them out) … made with Coconut oil, rose petals, raw sugar & an oil of your choice.

The tutorial on TBD’s website calls for either “jojoba oil” or “almond oil” … I however couldn’t find either, so I used “walnut oil”


Add coconut oil to your jar of choice (I warmed mine up to make it set in the bottom better and then threw it in the freezer to harden again).  I used about a cup of coconut oil

IMG_8124Add rose petals *rose of your choice, whichever you prefer the smell of* – when you add the raw sugar it will flatten them to the coconut oil. I added about  a cup of raw sugar.


Add the oil of your choice (make sure it has skin benefits if it isn’t one of the choices listed above)! I added about 1.5 tablespoons of walnut oil.

Put the lid on and enjoy!

* When ready to use, take a spoon and mix all ingredients together – this will cause the rose petals to break up*

If you try it, let me know how you like it or any changes you made to make it your own! ♡

(lasts about a year according to TBD’s website)


2 thoughts on “Rose Body Scrub ♡

    • Most grocery stores have the virgin coconut oil (it’s a solid oil but melts at body temp) if you have a whole foods or an organic section in your grocery store – that’s where it’ll be most likely. Almond or walnut oil shoulllddd be at the grocery store as well, depending on what the one closest to you stocks :)

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