Now a days, having a tattoo doesn’t mean you’ve probably just gotten out of jail, it’s a form of expression and art.

Personally, I love tattoos, I only have 2 myself ( partially because one of the ones I really want, I couldn’t get before bunion surgery).


This is located on my back, I got it for a couple reasons:

  • I am clumsy – so I’ve learned to roll with it and not let it get me down
  • I like birds and in this case, it represents freedom
  • I got it on a road trip in NYC – it was an experience

Tattoo done by Betty Rose


This Is a rosary, with a motorcycle chain.

I’ve always wanted a rosary on my ankle, however I wanted it to be unique and wanted it to represent me. I decided on the motorcycle chain because it’s different and I love my ZX6.

This is my favourite one, for personal reasons

Tattoo done by Jay


My next tattoo will probably be the “Don’t Stop Believing” on my foot, it’s a song that has been a staple in my friendship with one of my best friends – no matter where we are or what time it is, if it comes on we’ll call the other. Plus I love the song.


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