Burned Hand Tutorial : Pictures

Hey Everyone!

I decided to do a burn tutorial for you, this tutorial uses basic items you can get at many stores around halloween.

IMG_7405 IMG_7406 IMG_7409 IMG_7410 IMG_7411 IMG_7413 IMG_7414

Dark Blood         Fresh Scab         Liquid Latex            Sponge           Fake blood     Charcoal Powder        Palette

Click to Enlarge pictures ;)

The dark blood isn’t necessary, I just used it to add dimension, the charcoal powder can be replaced with black eyeshadow (if possible, buy one you won’t mind crushing up – if not, it shouldn’t be an issue). I put everything in this palette that I purchased from a local craft store.


Start with a clean hand


Stipple fake blood onto hand – cover nails too (make sure you’re not wearing nail polish like I am- looks more realistic)


I stippled some dark blood in random spots to add more dimension, and brushed the charcoal powder in between my fingers, around my nails and random patches on my hand (lightly)


Stipple liquid latex on your hand *make sure to use a makeup sponge you can throw out! Never use your brushes, it will ruin them!* I concentrate the liquid latex in between my fingers (to add pockets) I usually add 2 layers to allow pocketing throughout hand.


Once the liquid latex dries, I created pockets using an orange-wood stick, you can use a toothpick. this makes it look like your skin has blistered. Once I’ve created the pockets, I brush some charcoal powder around the pockets to make the “blisters” look charred and stretch my hand (so that the latex looks wrinkled). While stretching my hand I lightly brush some of the charcoal along my hand to add dimension.

With a paint mixing knife (you could use a plastic knife or anything you can find that’s thin, flat and won’t cut you), I pushed some fresh scab into the pockets. This made the blisters thicker and made it look like clotted blood.
*Tip: if you don’t have “fresh scab”, you can take a cotton ball break it up in to small thin pieces and soak that in blood, it will create a blood clot*
I will include this tip in my video tutorial!

I then added the finishing touch by stippling more fake blood all over the hand!

*You could also add conditioner lightly tinted a green/yellow to make it look like puss*


The lighting wasn’t so great, so I’ve attached a picture of a previous burn I’ve done that had better lighting.

burnburn 2

*I’ll be posting a better video tutorial either today or tomorrow because it’s a bit trickier to do this tutorial on myself while trying to take pictures*

Check back soon! ;)


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