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While looking into a new face wash a couple months ago, I stumbled into Lush. Not only did I find a new face wash, I found new shampoo, conditioner, face mask, moisturizer, toner and lip scrub! I love these handmade products so much, I will probably never go back to the drug store brand! Listed below you’ll see my favourites, hope you like them just as much as I do! ♡

The links are to the Canadian site, above, I included a link to choose your Country :)


fresh farmacy

Fresh Farmacy -This bar works well for all skin types! Calamine lotion based, this bar is great for sensitive and dry skin. My skin is oily and it works great on mine too, doesn’t dry it out and the tea tree oil fights acne!


Mask of Magnaminty – This is a face & back mask (for those who tend to get acne on their back). I love this mask for a couple of reasons; it smells minty/fresh, when you put it on, the mint causes your skin to gently tingle and it is even gentle enough to use a couple times a week. Whenever I use this mask, my skin feels refreshed, looks brighter and it seems to clear up any minor breakouts I may have. I will never allow myself to run out of this mask – I highly recommend you try it for yourself (or at least get yourself a sample ;) )

tea tree

Tea Tree Water– This is a spray toner, you can either spray it directly on your face or onto a cotton pad to remove excess dirt. I personally like spraying it directly on my face before putting on my moisturizer – it makes your face feel extra clean and refreshed. This tea tree oil toner is cut with water, grapefruit and juniperberry, to keep blemishes at bay, while not drying out your skin!


Enzymion – This moisturizer is perfect for oily skin types, it includes a lot of astringent based citrus fruits that keep oily skin under control. I have noticed my skin has seriously improved and feels better throughout the day, even makeup goes over it nicely. This moisturizer smells great too!


Gorgeous – Now, I personally haven’t purchased this one, partly because it’s pretty pricey but also because I am happy with Enzymion. HOWEVER, I did ask for a sample (because online it has great reviews), I wanted to try it for myself. I have to say, it really is a great moisturizer! Gorgeous has a lot of organic oils, and smells a bit like a Creamsicle – it leaves your skin moisturized but it doesn’t make your skin oily. For those of you that don’t mind spending extra for a great facial moisturizer, this one is worth considering!

mint Julips

Mint Julips – with winter around the corner (at least where I live), this product will definitely come in handy! It is a lip scrub that smells fantastic, and when you’re done scrubbing, you just lick it off your lips! This is especially perfect to use right before you put on a lipstick that could show cracked lips – such as red ;)



Whenever I travel, I get anxiety that if my shampoo tips the wrong way, I’ll have the biggest mess to clean up, how is that relaxing? That’s why when I saw these solid shampoo and conditioner bars, I thought they would be perfect – I didn’t anticipate how much I would like them for everyday use!!


Seanik– Made with sea salt and seaweed, it adds volume and shine! This was the first solid shampoo I ever purchased and even with trying others (that are also great), this one is still my all time favourite. It lathers nicely and has a light fresh scent! Don’t let the little pieces of seaweed worry you though, they wash out, so you wont have little bits in your hair.

*My hair was literally squeaky clean after using this gem :)*

ultimate shine

Ultimate Shine– Loaded with essential oils, and flecks of gold shimmer, this shampoo is softening and adds a nice amount of shine to dull locks! I really like this solid shampoo bar, although it doesn’t lather as well as the Seanik bar, it is still one of my favourite products!

big solid conditioner

Big Solid Conditioner – I l o v e , love, loveeee this product! In my opinion, it smells fantastic, it has such a light pretty scent – a bit like baby powder. This bar has virgin coconut oil (my favourite – from previous posts), sea salt – for volume, and is infused with “toothed wracked seaweed” to soften hair. It doesn’t have the typical “slimy soft feeling” in the shower as most liquid conditioners do but after your shower, you will have smooth, shiny hair.

There are a couple ways to use it:

The standard way (as they explain on their website) : we your hair and the bar and rub the bar along the hair shaft and ends (I stay away from my roots).

I discovered my way by accident when traveling: I kept mine in a travel soap container and some water snuck in but it made the bar softer. I scoop out a small amount and rub it into a paste in my hands and apply it just like any other conditioner. I let it sit in my hair for a couple minutes and then rinse out!


If these products aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, I at least recommend looking around the site and/or going in and getting a sample if you want to try something. You’ll be glad you did!


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