My Skin Care Journey.

Hey Everyone!

So like many people, I have been on a roller coaster with acne prone skin. This is my journey, I’m not suggesting it’ll be the right path for you, these are just my experiences with it.

I’ve never had great skin – I started using Proactive in elementary school, it helped a bit, but the acne came back. In high school it wasn’t horrible, but it was still pretty bad; which is the reason my doctor decided to put me on Accutane. Accutane cleared up my skin incredibly. It has a lot of side effects, but the only ones I really experienced with it were: nose bleeds, dry lips and light sensitivity. All in all, Accutane in high school was a pretty good experience.

When I went away to college, I went on the pill; but after a couple of months on it, I decided I didn’t like the way it made me feel, so I stopped taking it. Going off the pill caused my skin to get BAD, it was so bad that washing my face would sometimes bring me to tears because it was so painful. My skin was riddled with cystic pimples and regular whiteheads – it was awful.

My makeup routine soon involved: tattoo covering makeup (I used it from my cosmetology kit I had for school), Makeup Forever HD foundation and then for added coverage – M.A.C. powder foundation. Granted, the makeup probably didn’t help the situation – as soon as I got home and on my days off, there was no makeup on my face.

This caused me to go back to my doctor, who put me on Accutane… again. This experience however was not as pleasant as my last one; I constantly felt awful and when my second month blood test came around, my liver levels were through the roof – my doctor said they were 12x the regular levels. I immediately stopped taking it, my skin was still pretty bad. *The way I got my liver levels down will be posted below*

After trying everything I could think of, including Proactive, things were looking bleak, until the day my Aunt called saying she might know someone who could help. My Aunt told me that her friend works at a laser clinic and that I should try something called “Pixel Therapy”. It removes the top layer of skin, stimulating the natural healing process, treating acne while improving acne scars. It isn’t a cheap treatment, but it has kept my skin fairly clear for the last 3 years and I definitely cannot complain!

*To get my liver levels back to normal, I did a lot of home remedies*

  • Milk Thistle pills (I took “Liver Plus” pills)
  • Drank a concoction of water, lemon juice & extra-virgin olive oil – pretty gross but might have helped
  • Ate beets.

My doctor was so surprised how quickly my liver levels went back to normal (she laughed in the message she left me). 

Hope this helps with any questions you may have had, if you have any other questions I didn’t answer – just comment and I’ll reply!Frame Artist-1

 The Before picture is from July 2010, After is January 2013. I get the odd breakout, but my skin has stayed pretty clear :)


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