Traveling?? These apps will help!

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I recently went on a trip to Europe, and decided to share some apps I found extremely useful in planning, that you may enjoy!

Tourist Eye

TouristEye – This app allows you to create trips, share them and even create visual itineraries, so you know how much you’ll be looking to spend. Another bonus? it’s free! highly recommend checking it out!

Rick StevesRick Steves Audio Europe – Is an audio guide, so rather than paying for a tour, you can take a personal audio tour at your own pace. You’ll have to download the tours for the places you go before hand, but after, it’s completely wireless! Oh, this one is free too!

City Maps 2Go

City Maps 2go– is an offline map, that allows you to download your map before hand and pick the landmarks you’d like to go to, so that you don’t have to sift through different maps or worry about losing them! The standard version is $2.99 however, they have a lite version you could try for free, before committing to the purchase.

Travel ChecklistEssential Travel Checklist – I am a last minute packer, but I think of everything I’ll need, weeks before. When it comes time to pack though, I forget everything I’ve thought of, some of which are pretty important, that’s why this app is my lifesaver! It costs $1.99 but is worth it, if you don’t want to purchase an app, there are a couple of free apps on the app store, this one just worked best for me! It comes pre- loaded with a couple of lists, so if you think you’re forgetting to add something, just take a peak and it may jog your memory ;)

Hope these helped a bit, and saves you some headaches!

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